Useful Maltese Website Links

Products for Maltese

Doggie Bow Ties

Paw Marks

Pish Pads

Bitch New York (Dog Carriers, Dog Clothes, & More)

G.W. Little (Source for small dog supplies)

Eye Stain Treatments

Tylan 40 Premix Powder (One pinch, once per day with a little soft dog food, a week off every 3 weeks until cleared up.)

Terramycin Eye Ointment

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel

Grooming Products

The 3 C's Dog Show and Grooming Supplies

Pure Paws Grooming Products (Great grooming video on YouTube.)

Chris Christensen Systems Grooming Products 

Vellus Products, Inc


American Kennel Club

American Maltese Association

Pacific Rim Maltese Club

Spokane Kennel Club

Maltese Breed Focus (Information on Maltese conformation written by Dr Heidi Rolfes, Veterinarian and Maltese Breeder) 

Maltese judging 2011 AKC Eukanuba Nationals (Video)

Maltese in Toy Group at 2010 National Dog Show (Video)

Westminster Fashion

Maltese Rescue

AMA National Rescue Program

Training and Show Handling

Article on Kennel Training

Dog Show Entry

BaRay Events

Jack Orofrio Dog Shows


Veterinary Clinic

Valley Veterinary Clinic