Code of Ethics

  1. As a member of the American Maltese Association, I will breed to the ideals of the Maltese standard and will act in accordance to the objectives and purposes of the AMA.
  2. I will abide by and uphold the principles of the Club's Constitution, By-laws, this Code of Ethics and the American Kennel Club (AKC) Code of Sportsmanship and will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving Maltese.
  3. I will keep alert for and endeavor to control or eradicate inherited problems that are particular to my breed. I will strive to screen my breeding stock for hereditary problems using the current available and generally accepted techniques.
  4. If any of my Maltese need to be euthanized, it will be done in a humane manner by a veterinarian. It will not be done at a dog pound, humane society or experimental lab, nor will they be left alive at any of these facilities.
  5. I will provide adequate diet, exercise and veterinary care for all of my dogs, as well as proper supervision and facilities for pre-natal, whelping and post-natal care of the dam and puppies and supervision during gestation, whelping and lactation.
  6. I will not knowingly deal with dog wholesalers, commercial retailers, brokers or unethical dog breeders, nor supply dogs for raffles, "give away" prizes or other such projects.
  7. I will keep accurate breeding and stud records as required by AKC.
  8. My puppies will receive quality health care and nutrition. They will be handled regularly, properly socialized and accustomed to human contact.
  9. I will not sell a puppy before it has been given a veterinarian health examination and has received at least one inoculation against distemper, hepatitis and parvo.
  10. A puppy will remain in my possession until at least 12 weeks of age.
  11. I will provide pet buyers with written details on feeding, general care and nutrition and a health record with data on veterinary attention.
  12. I will provide limited registration on puppies sold as pets or have signed spay-neuter agreements. If AKC papers are not received at the time of the sale, I will provide written information on the puppy’s sire, dam and date of birth.
  13. I will refrain from publicly making or publishing any false or malicious statements about another member and will refrain from seeking to impair the reputation of another member.
  14. I will be courteous and helpful to people who contact me regarding dog information, offer assistance to serious novices and serve as an example of good sportsmanship in every aspect of the sport of dogs.
  15. While staying in a hotel/motel during specialty shows and all-breed shows, I will obey the rules, regulations and policies pertaining to dogs.
  16. Upon proof of violations of the rules, regulations and/or policies, I assume the risk of suspension from the AMA with a letter of grievance filed with the AKC recommending disciplinary action.
  17. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect credit on myself, the Maltese breed and the AMA.